How to configure Office 365 shared mailbox on iOS

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Configuring a shared Office 365 mailbox on an iOS device using IMAP.

These instructions are valid for iOS 11. Depending on the iOS version of your device, some screenshots and options may vary.

NB. This solution only makes Email available on the device. Contacts and Calendar are not available through IMAP.

  1. On the iPad or iPhone, go to Settings > Accounts & Passwords > Add Account
  2. Select Other from the list of types.


  3. Select Add Mail Account



    • Enter a name for the mail account (eg "Enquiries")

    • Enter the email address of the shared mailbox

    • Enter the password of a mailbox that has access to the shared mailbox (eg your own password if you have access to the shared mailbox)

    • Enter a description for the mailbox (eg "Enquiries"). By default the description will be set to the domain matching the email address.

  4. Tap Next

  5. Select IMAP

  6. Complete the Incoming and Outgoing Mail Server information: 


    i) Host name:

    ii) In the User Name box, enter the email address of your account that has permission to access the shared mailbox, followed by a "\" and then the email address of the shared mailbox itself. (eg "\") 

    iii) Outgoing mail server:

    iv) User name: Enter the email address of the mailbox that has the permission to "send as" the shared mailbox.

    v) Password: Enter the password of the mailbox that has permission to access the shared mailbox (same as step 'iv' above)

    vi) Tap Next

  7. The account details will be 'verified'.

    Verification Successful. Skip to Step 8

    Verification will fail if any of the details (server address, account email or password) are incorrectly entered or if the permissions have not been correctly assigned). If Verification continues to fail and the account details and permissions are known to be correct, then SSL option may need to be enabled;

    i) Tap Next
    ii) Tap Save (You may be promoted that the account will unable to send or receive)

    iii) While still in the Settings > Accounts & Passwords section;
    iv) Tap on the recently created account
    v) Under the IMAP heading, tap on the Account details (email)


    vi) Under Outgoing Mail Server, tap SMTP
    vii) Tap the Primary Server name.


    viii) Set Use SSL to ON
    ix) Tap Done
    x) Tap Account


    xi) Tap Advanced


    xii) Under Incoming Settings, set Use SSL to ON
    xiii) Tap Account
    xiv) Tap Done
    Go to Step 10

  8. Switch off the Notes sync which should leave just Mail switched on.


  9. Tap Save

  10. Your Office 365 shared mailbox is now configured on your device.
    You will find your new email account in the standard Mail app on your iPhone or iPad.


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