How to configure Office 365 shared mailbox on Outlook for Mac

Jamie Gardiner-Hill -

These instructions are valid for Outlook for Mac 2016. Similar procedures apply to earlier versions although some screenshots and options may vary.

Pre-requisites and assumptions:

  • Your Office 365 mailbox has already been added to Outlook as an account.
  • Your Office 365 administrator has already granted you 'Send As' or Full permission to the shared mailbox in Office 365 / Exchange Admin Centre.


  1. Open Outlook for Mac, select Tools menu > Accounts


  2. Select your Office 365 / Exchange account from the Accounts list on the left. Click the Advanced button.


  3. Select the Delegates tab
  4. In the section People I am a delegate for  select the [+] symbol


  5. Type in the name of the shared mailbox, then select the desired user from the list and click Add


  6. Select OK to close the Accounts window.

After a short time, the shared mailbox will appear as a folder in the left sidebar navigation pane.

To alter how the accounts list is displayed, go to Outlook > Preferences > General


Select or deselect the 'Show all account folders' option as desired.

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